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Monday, March 31, 2014

Hannah's 7th Birthday!

Happy Birthday baby girl!! I cannot believe she's turning 7!! We celebrated with a Frozen theme with family over the weekend! Other than not feeling well- she has a good time!

This is her cake:

Opening presents:

Playing Don't Eat Olaf:

Becoming Olaf:

Building a marshmallow snowman:

Having cake:

We are so happy to have this beautiful, talkative, silly, creative girl in our family!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baby Ultrasound Pics

I have had many ultrasounds with this little Scooter! He doesn't like to hold still (hence the nickname "Scooter") and avoided having his heartbeat detected a time or two! Then decided to throw a few curveballs with his foot being clubbed and making mommy nauseous all the time and such.
Here are his many, many pictures as he's been growing!
8 weeks
 10 weeks 2 days
13 weeks 4 days
18 weeks 2 days
(these ones were on a disc and most were crappy shots - so I just picked one to put here)
 about 23 weeks
and about 31 weeks

We are so anxious to get to meet him and take some real pictures!!

Random Road Trip

Every so often we decide to take a random road trip to visit our families! The end of May seemed like the perfect time to do this!!
Girls watching a movie in the car on the way north! (Love how the doll is buckled in too?)
 First stop was up in Brian Head at the Fry Family Cabin! It wasn't a long stop - but the girls had fun playing in the "clubhouse" outside the cabin!

 We eventually made it over to Cannonville to enjoy some time with the Twitchell's
This, of course, included jumping on the trampoline with grandma!

 Mallory is so in love with little kids! She's going to be a great big sister to her baby brother!
 We can't go all the way over there and not stop by for the world's best cream pie!!  SOOOO good!!! If you're ever over visiting Bryce Canyon, make sure you stop at the Bryce Canyon Pines Restaurant!!
 We don't take the girls with us to enjoy the blissful pie - but they had fun eating lunch at grandma's!

 Hannah and Beej!
 Mallory helping to entertain Kinzee
 The girls resting outside and eating a sucker!
 Playing in Aunt Deysha's room!

After a fun trip to Cannonville, it was back down to St. George to enjoy swimming in the Fry's pool!

 Fun times with Landon and Miranda!
 Hannah being a "duck"

 Fun with the pool noodles!
 Always gotta do the hand clapping games - even in the pool! (Must be an 8 year old girl thing??)
Our drive home was excessively long after being stuck in the gorge for an hour cause of road construction! But we had a great weekend visiting family! Probably the last road trip until after the baby's born!

Science Fair and Girls' Weekend!

We love the Science Fair in my house! Mallory decided this year to test which brand of diapers are the best - so we can know which kind to use for the baby!
Starting the project...

 Tested 6 brands of diapers to see which absorbed the most water.
With some help from her Dad - she got the board put together! (BTW - Huggies were the best, followed closely by Target's brand!)
We didn't think they were going to judge the projects (it sounded like it was just a class requirement). But she came home with 2nd place and let us know that they judged the whole school's projects and chose two first, second and third place winners from all the projects. So Mally won (tied) 2nd place out of all the 1st-5th graders! SO cool!!

I enjoyed a nice weekend break with the Twitchell girls! (No kids allowed!) It was an awesome girls weekend that started out with the baby shower I did for my SIL and her soon-to-be born baby girl!
Dessert and gift table with the diaper cake I made (from so many left-over diapers after the science project!)
 Yummy taco bar!
 Grandma Connie, Eliza and Rita at the shower!
 Then on to our girls weekend in St. George.
My first ever pedicure!!
All our cute toes!!
 We ate some yummy food and celebrated Janice's birthday a little early - so that she had to ride the saddle at Texas Roadhouse!

 It was an exhausting weekend (especially since I was supposed to be resting, per doc's orders) - but was a nice break from reality and a fun experience with the Twitchells!!

Hannah's 6th Birthday!

My baby girl turned 6 the beginning of April!
Here are some pictures from her special day!
Ready to open presents (yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper you see, cause I ran out of b-day paper!)
 Hannah after opening the presents from grandmas/grandpas and parents!
 Playing with her toys
 Hannah at school getting Happy Birthday sung to her! (It was really cute - her teacher then had her rearrange the words however she wanted and the class then sung it how she arranged it! So fun!)
 Couldn't part with the toys long enough to eat lunch - so they joined her at the table!
 Hannah's (awful) cake! (Turned out nothing like the picture she wanted!)
 Hannah's birthday part at Flip-n-Out jump place!
 Fun trampolines and slides!
 Hot and tired but still happy!
 Trying to play a game with Daddy - but the games were broken!
 Ready for cake!!
 Hard work blowing out all SIX candles!
 Mally and Hannah
 Silly girl!
 Opening more presents!

 Long day and bigger mess! But she had a wonderful birthday!!